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Developed by MIT & MIPT graduates, Betrium is the worldwide crypto betting exchange and sportsbook that has lowest commissions, accepts tokens, crypto and fiat and offers platform for event organizers, developers and third-party service providers.

As of 2017, the global regulated gambling market is about $533b. The betting market accounted for $70b in global gross yield. The unregulated sector is many times larger. Over 100 million people regularly bet on sports and spend money every month.

The size of regulated gambling market in 2016 according to EGBA.
The size of unregulated market according to Interpol.
Betrium Alpha

Existing Problems
  • — No Worldwide
  • — No Cryptos Support
  • — No Platform For Organizers
  • — Unfair Conditions
  • — High Commissions
  • — Taxes
  • — No API
  • — Blocking of Bots
Our Solution
  • + Fully Worldwide
  • + BTC, ETH, DASH, ERC20 Support
  • + Volatility Stabilization For Cryptos
  • + Platform for Event Organizers
  • + Up 20% More Profit
  • + Lowest Commissions
  • + Tax Optimization
  • + Powerful Open API
Organizers Earn Platform
Betrium provides unique betting creation platform for event organizers such as e-sport streamers or small sport leagues.
Worldwide Support
Betrium works globally and supports crypto-currencies withdrawals all around the world. 24/7 support on 18 languages.
Lowest Commissions
Betrium does not take comission from money deposits and withdrawals, winnings. We also do not take taxes on personal income.
Platform for Organizers
Betrium provides special partner solution for event organizers that want to earn money. Each owner of the Betrium Network account is able to create custom event and earn on betting just in few clicks. For example, e-game organizer (or player) can create the match on the Betrium, add potential outcomes and publish it. Betrium will automatically adjust the odds to make it profitable.

Moreover, Betrium will provide special marketing tools for promoting of such activities.
  • Partnership
  • E-Sports
  • Custom Events
Powerful API
Betrium is the first to offer advanced Open API for developers, bots, third-party apps and betting service providers. Our Team develops Betrium Framework for the most popular software platforms.

In future, Betrium can become a world's betting processing center.
  • REST
  • JSON
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Node.JS
No Volatility / Hedging
We offer crypto-currencies volatility stabilization for users. In Betrium, balances will be fixed in the virtual USD/EUR, so users are protected from losing in regular dumps. We're going to achieve that by integrating some exchange functionality (USD/BTC/ETH) and future partnerships with different local and worldwide exchanges. See how it works!
Legal Activity
Despite the fact, that Betrium's nature can't be regulated, our goal is to make our platform as legal as possible. We will act fully within the law under Curaçao license for online gambling. Curaçao is the most popular offshore and e-zone for such purposes and it is used by many current biggest betting providers, online casinos and poker. Moreover, in future we plan to get licenses in: Malta, UK, Germany, Australia, USA.
Betrium is an official sponsor of the legendary TNABC conference in Miami! North American Bitcoin Conference
    Casino & Poker
Lottery, Bingo etc.

Demo Products

API for Developers
V 0.1.2 Pre Beta
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Bookmaker / Sportsbook
V 0.1.9 Beta
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Betting Exchange
V 0.1.4 Alpha
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Android Application
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iOS Application
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Meet Us Worldwide

Betrium has been a sponsor or has been presented on the following blockchain conferences all around the world:
Jan 18-19
Mar 3-6
d10e, Seoul, South Korea
Mar 7-8
Vietnam Blockchain Week, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Mar 13-15
Money20/20 Asia, Singapore
Mar 13-15
APAC Blockchain Conference, Melbourne, Australia
Mar 20-21
Token2049, Hong Kong
May 12-13
Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair, Sydney, Australia
Call Us to Get a Pitch! +61 413 770 817 (Australia)


To achieve Betrium's goals, we are launching an Initial Coin Offering to issue Betrium tokens on the public blockchain. BTRM is an ERC-20 utility token build on Ethereum. A total of 140m BTRM will be issued only. The tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Unsold tokens will be burnt.
Early Pre-ICO
23th Oct — 22 Nov 2017
Tokens per ETH
Token Price
0.000166 ETH
Soft Cap
320 ETH 571 ETH raised
4 000 000 BTRM
22th Jan — 14 Feb
Tokens per ETH
Token Price
0.0002 ETH
Soft Cap
340 ETH 1132 ETH raised
10 000 000 BTRM
5th April — 14 May
Tokens per ETH
Token Price
0.00033-0.00071 ETH
Soft Cap
800 ETH
63 000 000 BTRM
Mid 2019
Tokens per ETH
Token Price
0.01 ETH
25 000 000 BTRM
Stage Tokens Sold Price Tokens Per ETH
Pre-ICO [0] 0 — 4,000,000 0.00016 6000
Pre-ICO [1] 4,000,001 — 14,000,000 0.00020 5000
ICO 14,000,001 — 19,999,999 0.00035 3000
ICO 20,000,000 — 50,000,000 0.00050 2200
ICO 50,000,000+ 0.00062 1600

Within the pre-ICO stage, Betrium puts up for sale 14 million tokens (10% of all tokens to be issued). The pre-ICO launches to prepare the initial version of Betrium in its best before the full ICO. We'll spend raised funds on:
  • Legal Issues;
  • White Paper Enhancement;
  • Attraction of Sports Representatives and Advisors;
  • Marketing;
  • MVP Preparation;

Tokens Allocation

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ICO finished!
Call Us to Get a Pitch! +61 413 770 817 (Australia)

Our Team

Betrium's office in Kiev Video
Maksym Suvorov
Maksym Suvorov CEO LinkedIn
Maksym is a founder and CEO at Betrium. Also, he is an executive CEO of "Concord Standards and Management" since 2014 and a partner of "Lumiere UA" IT outsourcing firm. Maksym's main competence is development and implementation of international management systems in large corporate structures (ISO, OHSAS, PCI DSS) and business IT automation. Maksym is an entrepreneur and successfully has launched few businesses in b2b sector. iOS software engineer in past. Holder of US technological patent.
Andrey Rybalchenko
Andrey Rybalchenko Analyst LinkedInFacebook
Pre match betting trader in all kinds of sports for the last 10 years. Andrey has worked in the CIS largest betting services such as FavBet (10 years). Has 5 years of experience as live analyst of volleyball, tennis, football, basketball. One of his biggest achievements: he earned about $150,000 in the period from 2013 to 2015 in arbitration situations (forks), most of it in live betting, the list of bookers: Bet365, Bwin, 10Bet, Sportingbet, Fonbet, Parimatch for more than 50 accounts. Taking into account his experience in arbitrage situations, he minimized the bookmaker company's losses to a minimum, identified several organizations using software for betting automation, studied the game styles for determining multi-accounts that were confirmed by many elements of coincidence. Andrey is developing his own machine learning solution. Andrey knows how the bookmakers are built on each level, how the bookmakers' business model works, he is a key member of Betrium team.
Natalia Khotiaintseva
Nataliia Khotiaintseva Analyst Facebook
Natalia is a junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) majoring in mathematics. She is a winner of international mathematical olympiads: IMO 2015 gold, IMO 2014 silver, EGMO 2014 and 2015 gold. As an incredible expert in the field of mathematical analysis, Natalia is the main analyst and co-founder in Betrium. Her expertise is extremely important in the development of the economic model of Betrium.
Dmitry Kazantsev
Dmitry Kazantsev Analyst / Trader Facebook
Pre match sports betting trader. Experience in this sphere - more than 10 years, worked in one of the largest betting services in the CIS — FavBet. Dmitry developed the standards for sports betting and analyzed the risks. Has experience as live analyst in many kinds of sports; also worked more than 2 years in business journalism, understands the current marketing trends.
Alex Bykhun
Alex Bykhun CTO Facebook
Alex Bykhun is a CTO, main software engineer and co-founder in Betrium. He is a graduate of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Alex has more than 7 years of experience in developing corporate software, blockhain-based projects and mobile applications. Master of Applied Maths and Physics.
Adrian Merakis
Adrian Merakis Client Services LinkedInFacebook
Adrian has been an avid trader on numerous betting exchanges in the past and present, bringing to the team his years of experience within the industry, invaluable knowledge along with a professional demeanour. As our Client Services Manager, Adrian's role is to tackle those 'hard to find' answers we know you all have in a way expected but not bound to his role. Being a freelance Cryptocurrency investor himself, with a combined portfolio approaching 7 figures, Adrian combines his experience within betting exchanges and knowledge of Cryptocurrency, making him a valuable asset to the team.

Artem Boruta
Arthur But
Maksym Burdiuh
Alice Babenko
Daria Isaieva
Max Kyryliuk


Kevin Dolan
Kevin Dolan Twitter
Kevin Dolan has been a professional sports bettor since 2011 and in that time has achieved a sterling reputation in the industry backed up by numerous awards. In 2015, he won the World Series of Handicapping contest in Las Vegas and is the proud author of one of the best-selling books on sports wagering too, namely The Complete Guide to Sports Betting. He currently lives in Seoul, South Korea and can be reached via his website or by Twitter where he posts betting picks daily.
Sergey Efimenko
Sergey Efimenko LinkedIn
Sergei Efimenko is the CEO of EGT Platform and has over 14 years of experience in the gambling industry. He made his way up the corporate ladder from small beginnings as a Bookmakers Assistant, all the way up to the Operational Director of BetInvest and BetConstruct. Sergei has worked in the world’s top betting companies with such names as Bwin and Bet365. He has also been a speaker at the International Gambling Conferences in London, Barcelona, Moscow, Berlin. PhD.
Tom Budd
Sam Taheri LinkedInLinkedIn
Sam (Meisam) Taheri is a professional GT, NASCAR, Touring and Prototype Motorsport pilot in sprint and endurance categories who has been decorated with multiple race wins and high ranks in podium finishes. Sam passionately started his involvements in Motorsports around year 2005 and has been actively improving his skills and climbing the ladder of success in motorsports. In 2016 he is competing in creventic 24 hours series, winter endurance championship, NGK racing series, Radical Middle east cup and has scored various championship points and pushing for further success.
Todd Hazelwood
Todd Hazelwood LinkedInLinkedIn
Todd Hazelwood is a driver from Adelaide, racing in the pinnacle of Australian motor sport... V8 Supercars! In 2017, Todd was the Supercars Dunlop Super2 Series Champion, taking six race wins at Adelaide, Tasmania, Townsville and Newcastle. Currently racing an ex-DJR Team Penske Ford FG-X Falcon in 2018 while continuing his relationship with 2017 winning team, Matt Stone Racing. Todd’s success has spanned over a career of 15 years, including more than 10 championship wins!
Karthik Iyer
Karthik Iyer LinkedIn
CEO of BlockchainMonk. India Ambassador of the P2P-Foundation, and founder and CEO of BlockchainMonk, a DLT research and consulting firm, and was part of one of the largest EU research project on P2P, He holds near half dozen degrees in technology, research and management from leading schools in Europe and Asia.
Luke McDonald
Severiano Zatta LinkedIn
Having gained experience across many financial disciplines, from broking floors in London to currently practicing as a licensed Financial Planner and Associate of a boutique firm located on Australia's Gold Coast, Sevy has built a wealth of knowledge throughout his career. After successfully investing personal funds and trading a majority of 'altcoins' for 3 years, as well as tailoring a core-satellite approach to investing, Sevy has built an impressive portfolio. With a passion of building relationships and a gift of understanding long-term strategies to take advantage of market opportunities, we look forward to our future with anticipation and conviction. ASIC Registered Financial Adviser.
Patrick Richardson
Patrick Richardson LinkedIn
Patrick is an Experienced Business Development Manager with years of demonstratable history working in the financial services industry(Fintech). Skilled in Customer Relationship Management, Management, Account Management, Merchant Acquiring, Payments and Pricing contracts. 
Having spent 8 years in various positions for fortune 500 company eWAY(Global Payments Inc), including Partner Manager, Sales Team Lead, and BDM, he has a vast knowledge of the inner working of the payments/eCommerce space and is also Co-Founder of Fixed Consulting, a Payment/eCommerce Consultanting business based in Australia.
Denys Suvorov
Denys Suvorov LinkedIn
Denys has 14 years of experience in corporate banking. He worked as Acting Director Large Corporates in UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group. Denys has cooperated with large corporates acting in Agriculture & Processing, Commodity Trading, Food Industry, Media, Machine Building & Engineering. Master of Banking.


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